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A unit testing framework for World of Warcraft

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WoWUnit allows you to easly write unit tests for your World of Warcraft addons and provides an interface to monitor them. Unit tests can be run at game events. Also provides methods for temporarly mocking variables.



Let's assume we define the following functions in our addon:

Numbers = function() return 1, 2, 3 end
Realm = function() GetRealmName() .. '!' end

We can make the following tests:

local AreEqual, Exists, Replace = WoWUnit.AreEqual, WoWUnit.Exists, WoWUnit.Replace
local Tests = WoWUnit('MyAddonName', 'PLAYER_UPDATE', 'MONEY_UPDATE')
    -- tests will be called at startup, PLAYER_UPDATE and MONEY_UPDATE events

function Tests:PassingTest()
    AreEqual({1,2,3}, {Numbers()})

function Tests:FaillingTest()
    AreEqual('Apple', 'Pie')

function Tests:MockingTest()
    Replace('GetRealmName', function() return 'Horseshoe' end)
    AreEqual('Horseshoe!', Realm())

Test API

A unit test group is created by calling WoWUnit(name, event1, event2, ...) or WoWUnit:NewGroup(name, event1, event2, ...). Unit tests in the group are called at startup and whenever the game events listed occur.

A unit test is defined by indexing a function in the group. While the test is running, the following methods can be used:

Name Description
AreEqual(a, b) Checks wether a and b match. Throws a fail status if not.
IsTrue(value) Checks wether value passes an if statement. Throws a fail status if not.
Exists(value) Same as above.
IsFalse(value) Checks wether value fails an if statement. Throws a fail status if not.
Replace([table,] name, replace) Temporarly replaces table[name] or global name with replace while the unit test is running.
ClearReplaces() Resets all replacements done so far.
Enable() Enables the current unit test (enabled by default).
Disable() Disables the current unit test.